1. Echoes of Life

  2. Complex Life of Passion
    Primal Rite

  3. Wanderlust
    Earth Girls

  4. Voice of America LP
    The Suspects

  5. Bruised Music Vol. 2

  6. Upside Down b/w Teenage Haze
    Angel Du$t

  7. Complete Discography
    Iron Boots

  8. Permanent Exile
    Red Death

  9. Bruised Music Vol. 1

  10. Nosebleed

  11. Blackout E.P.
    Memory Loss

  12. Mad Existence
    Mad Existence

  13. Wrong Side of History
    Earth Girls

  14. Red Death
    Red Death

  15. True Crime

  16. Asylum

  17. Lifted b/w Melt Into You (Drift Away)

  18. Cretins

  19. Empty Set
    Brain F≠

  20. Hard Stripes
    Hard Stripes

  21. Confined
    Coke Bust

  22. Notes on the Underground
    Red Dons

  23. Born to Die in Suburbia
    Night Birds

  24. Welcome the Slaughter
    Devil's Hand

  25. Almost Famous
    Big Eyes

  26. Will You Feed Me?

  27. Upward Hostility
    Sectarian Violence

  28. No Home

  29. Demo 2010
    Big Eyes

  30. The Shirks
    The Shirks

  31. School Jerks
    School Jerks

  32. Fresh Kills Vol. 1
    Night Birds

  33. Back from the Moon
    Big Eyes

  34. Frozen Rain
    Bloody Gears

  35. Sectarian Violence
    Sectarian Violence

  36. Do Not Resuscitate
    Bad Advice

  37. The Other Side of Darkness
    Night Birds

  38. Sleep Rough
    Brain F≠

  39. Cry Cry Cry
    The Shirks

  40. No Moderation
    Government Warning

  41. Degradation
    Coke Bust

  42. So Dim
    Brain F≠

  43. Turn Me Off
    Deep Sleep

  44. Blow Your Mind
    The Ladies

  45. Night Birds
    Night Birds

  46. Thrash Compactor
    The Ergs!

  47. Don't Need A

  48. Too Much TV
    Southside Stranglers

  49. Paranoid Mess
    Government Warning

  50. Executed
    Government Warning

  51. Futility
    Wasted Time

  52. Three Things At Once
    Deep Sleep

  53. No Center
    Logic Problem

  54. Sterile Walls
    Psyched to Die

  55. Cost Of Living EP
    Time To Escape

  56. Criminal Record
    Violent Arrest

  57. Direct Control
    Direct Control

  58. Kamikazes

  59. In Search Of The Truth
    Unseen Force

  60. Time To Escape EP
    Time to Escape

  61. Arrested
    Government Warning

  62. No Shore
    Wasted Time

  63. Life's A Dead End
    Cardiac Arrest

  64. Wasted Time
    Wasted Time

  65. Set To Explode
    Set To Explolde

  66. On The Loose
    86 Mentality

  67. Goin' Nowhere Fast
    86 Mentality

  68. Withstand
    The Frontline

  69. 86 Mentality
    86 Mentality

  70. Goodbye to Washington
    The Aftermath

  71. Dumb and Unaware
    The Aftermath


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